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Find Iranian travertine stone floor and wall tiles. stone tiles suitable for being installed in flooring and texture in honed and filled packing stone finishes. We can export more than 10 different colors of travertine blocks. We are exporting company, export all kinds of travertine, different colour of marble, granite and onyx.
Noce: Noce travertine crosscut tiles. Very consistent in color and texture. noce travertine finishes available in B2B rockstone.biz. The tiles are partially polished and given a satin finish.
Iran Granite: Iran antique stone in form of slab tile cut to size block. Iran travertine natural tile stone. Persian Marble Onyx Granite Limestone . Exporting Tiles: Manufacturer and exporter ceramic tiles, roof tile, ceramic mosaic tile, roofing tiles, floor wall tile, polished carpet tile. When exporting your crosscut: Stone that has been cut from the stone block parallel to the natural bedding plane.
Cross-cut stone has a mottled or cloudlike appearance. Ceramic with cross-cut travertine appearance. (Ceramic & Natural Stone). Crosscut vein cut marble tumbled travertine tile. Tumbled travertine antique stone wholesaler and manufacturer from Iran. Iran marble stone is one of the most favrable stone which you can buy from Iran.

Wholesale of marble natural stone tiles

Wholesale of natural stone tiles and slab and other stones which provide from Iran. Building stone and supplies stone from Persia (Iran) all over the world. Factory and direct stone supplier from Iran. Stones like marble granite onyx and travertine are available from Farzin rock stone company.
Flooring of travertine and marble for pavers and other claddingplaces. The largest selection of natural stone sinks, marble sinks, granite sinks, travertine sinks, and onyx sinks in the Iran and Farzin Rock Stone Trading Company. Buy all kinds of antique green marble and dark green marble from Iran. Buyers and importer of marble and granite slab and stone.

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Manufacturers exporters suppliers and wholesalers of handicrafts Marble Business listings of natural stones, wholesale granite tiles, marble suppliers, Iranian sandstone exporters.
Travertine Exporter is a direct importer and distributor of natural stone and tile Quality travertine tile at great prices. Free shipping on most styles. Quality stone travertine floor tile. Ceramic tile and natural stone supplier from Iran. Farzin Rock stone is provider of marble granite onyx travertine tiles. Marble flooring tiles manufactrer and also mineral supplier from Persia (Iran). Marble slab and block supplier and wholesale from Iran (Persia). Marble in various colors and sizes like 18*18, 24*24, 26*26, 16*16. Travertine floor tiles and marble slab manufacturer and supplier.